Flying Lanterns

D: One night it came in blue and white Told me to gear up for my flight Light barged in, room and mind I guess it’s true, seek, you’ll find R: Have you ever seen lit up flowers moving up toward the sky? Oh those words, those hopes in ink Who reads them? Whose heart … More Flying Lanterns

The Way Out

“What is it?” she whispered. “A riddle.” He took the piece of paper and brought it nearer for them to examine it. The room was not lit enough. They took turns to try to decipher the blurred print on the paper. The path is but an empty case. The walk is but a ceaseless chase. … More The Way Out

Ultimate Backpacking : Snow, Hitchhiking, and All That (Day 1)

I’ve been ranting a lot about how irritating winter is in Northern Taiwan. Taiwan’s humidity makes cold weather difficult to bear, and it doesn’t even snow. Except in some of its high mountains, such as Hehuan mountain and Guanshan. Since winter’s almost ending, me and my friends decided to take a trip to Hehuan mountain … More Ultimate Backpacking : Snow, Hitchhiking, and All That (Day 1)