Summer Solstice 2016

Perhaps not surprisingly, the length of my stay in the Netherlands and my acceptance of its weather do not have a positive linear relationship. The (Dutch) weather is a comedian, and I sometimes don’t get its sense of humor.

Before Anything Else

Before anything else, I am a human being. Before the ambitions for my career. Before the lifestyle I choose to live. Before the religion labeled on me. Before the orders mandated to me. I am first and foremost, a human being. And so is everyone else. After all, they are human beings. Trying to make their mark after all. … More Before Anything Else

Flying Lanterns

D: One night it came in blue and white Told me to gear up for my flight Light barged in, room and mind I guess it’s true, seek, you’ll find R: Have you ever seen lit up flowers moving up toward the sky? Oh those words, those hopes in ink Who reads them? Whose heart … More Flying Lanterns

The Way Out

“What is it?” she whispered. “A riddle.” He took the piece of paper and brought it nearer for them to examine it. The room was not lit enough. They took turns to try to decipher the blurred print on the paper. The path is but an empty case. The walk is but a ceaseless chase. … More The Way Out