Flying Lanterns

One night it came in blue and white
Told me to gear up for my flight
Light barged in, room and mind
I guess it’s true, seek, you’ll find

Have you ever seen lit up flowers moving up toward the sky?
Oh those words, those hopes in ink
Who reads them?
Whose heart moves seeing one persistent writing year after year?

They were fortunate, thus was the belief
She carved the picture in her head
Of two, challenging the faraway
One day too, she always said,
I’ll find myself as fortunate.

People believe what they want to believe
Is reality but what our minds tell us it is?

A knock on the door.
A man I adore.
“Have you seen, my dear?”
And all sank in.
Not one, but two.
And the white and blue.
“How kind of you, Sir, that you remembered for me.”
“They had always been inside you too. But now think, dear, where from here?”

Dedicated to my mom and dad.

– cheers to all-

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