4 Things My Dad Has Taught Me

We never really celebrate father’s day at home, but… time has made me realize that no one can pull off being MY dad as well as my dad. Hahaa.

4 things my dad probably doesn’t remember having taught me, but have stayed with me and helped me live a happier life xDDD

1. You decide if a success/failure drag you down or bring you up.

It was just a casual conversation after dinner. I was still in junior high. And my parents began to talk about how some of their friends in college got mental disorders (a.k.a turned cray-cray) because they were too stressed out for not performing as well in college as they expected. They were the best students in their high school (some even the best in their entire home state), but when they got to college, they were shocked by the tough competition and ended up being so stressed that they lost their mind. >.< 

My dad said something that I took as : don’t let success or failure get inside your head too much. If you used to be the best somewhere, remember that there are a LOT of great people in this world. Stay humble, keep growing. And if you happen to fail at some point in your life, never let yourself think that it’s the end of the world for you. It’s just a phase in life. The last thing you want in life is people remembering you as, “that person who turned mad. Too bad, cause he/she definitely would have had a bright future.”

2. Crying doesn’t help change any situation.

My parents find it super annoying when me or my sister cry over a problem (or after a fight, duh). Instead of getting cheered up, we would most likely get scolded. LOL. But this lesson really stuck with me on the day I lost my cellphone in high school. In my second year of high school, I got a really nice cellphone gift from a telco. I LOVED that phone. Mainly because it already had the best features for cellphones at that time, and I got it for free. Ha. Then in my senior year, I lost it. I was eating at a canteen before heading to exam prep classes, placed my phone at the table, and forgot to bring it with me when I left.

When you lose something you really love, it’s acceptable to cry. Right? So I got home after my classes, my dad was in the middle of opening the garage door when he saw  that I had cried. He gave a pat on my head and said, “There’s no use crying; it won’t make your phone return to you.” Ever since, I understood fully why crying has never been, and still is not an option. Most of the time, it only makes you dizzy. This also applies to complaining. The difference is that the dizziness caused by complaining is felt by another person. So really. Please. Before you let out a complain, shut your mouth. :)

3. There’s a fine line between being kind and being stupid.

I got this lesson years ago when we were talking about a relative who had just passed away. My dad was talking about how this relative had always been one who never thought twice about giving his money, time, energy for others (which was good), but.. failed to choose wisely to whom, for what, and when the money, time, and energy were actually worth giving. A lot of times, his kindness was taken advantage of and sadly, his personal life got messed up.

What goes around comes around, so we do have to remember to be kind to people. But, sometimes the way people expect you to help them is not always the best way to help them. You gotta be wise to see whether your act of kindness is actually helping people in the long run, or just giving them temporary comfort. Also, you can’t fully take care of others when your own life is in a mess.

The most valuable lesson is probably this :

4. There are reliable, trustworthy men in this world.

One of them is my father.

– cheers to all –

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